The deep dark of the sea combined with the color of the sky as well as the illuminated mansions, neoclassical buildings, luxury hotels are a feast of colors! From this picture you just drive to the city of the senses and the hallucinations ...., to the city of our hearts !!!!
Dimitra Zisiou.

Hagia Sophia

Walking next to Hagia Sophia is in itself great, enjoying the atmosphere and history is even more important.

When a dream come true?

When a dream come true? The city’s legend is magnificent, Siren  Kirk, a seductress,lures you in,through the Bosphorus silence! Like the seagulls from above, they fly withtheir white wings, they give you joy and hope. Extremely brilliant and bright, as you look at her, but its heavy load, a mystery is hiding! The passions suffer to many, over theyears, fear and terror in the soul, but shestands there proud, boastfulin a foreign embrace! You can’t smell it, you can’t wait totaste it, but as you see her, craving and nostalgia! It’s not a dream, it’s true, is the city of our heart, a journey far away, memoriesand remembered together.
Dimitra Zisiou

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque, also known by its common name "Sultanahmet" or otherwise the Sultan Ahmet A Mosque, was built between 1609 and 1616 in order to surpass the splendor of Hagia Sophia, which is located right next to it.

It owes its name to the blue Iznik tiles that adorn the interior walls (over 20,000 pieces).


One of the most impressive clusters of Ottoman palaces , which is behindHagia Sophia and is visible from almost every point of the Bosphorus and theKeratios Gulf.. It was originally called Yeni Saray, meaning “new palace”. It wasfounded by Mohammed the Conqueror, while its first part was built between 1472and 1478 and lived there until Mohammed’s death in 1481.

“Eternal City.....,the city of minaret”, Constantinople, the city facing theWest and the East.
The city that is a woman with a black Turkish scarf and crimson lipstick.
The City that shouts to you “I will melt your feet while walking”.
Ageliki Avgerinou

The Patriarchate
of Constantinople

The Patriarchate of Constantinople is the first class among the Orthodox Churches and is based in Fanari. It was founded in 331 AD when the capital of the Roman Empire was transferred from Rome to New Rome-Constantinople. After the fall of the city by the Turks, the Ecumenical Patriarchate was recognized as the political representative of the Christian slave nations of the Ottoman Empire, which allowed the Patriarch to defend their rights at the High Gate.


The Bosporus is a natural course and an important international sea route, forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, and separates Asian from European Turkey. The Bosphorus, the Marmara Sea and the Dardanelles in the southwest comprise the Turkish Straits. Being the narrowest route in the world used in international navigation.

Hagia Sofia

The imposing temple was built in the years of Emperor Justinian between 532 and 537 AD. The births were done on December 27, 537 by Justinian who legally proclaimed: "Nenikka to Solomon", meaning that Hagia Sophia surpassed Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem in beauty and majesty.

Constantinople....proud, humiliated, slave, lord, mistress and wife. The City that doesn’t Talk, rather than tenderly embracing you with a medieval castand it flies you through the sweet night, that’s what we felt!!!
The City of Seagulls that exudes confidence and transmits it to us. All this sinlessof the tribes of the Old Town, the smells, the tastes, the historical monuments, theBosphorus, are the ones that make it unique.!!! No word can describe the magic of oursenses.!!! It was a dream we lived through, but no dreamer was able to explain it. Only our hearts that experienced it and feelings of joy, sadness, admiration and fearwere embedded within them!! Spectacle, infinite spectacle, very strong, cosmic!!! Tombs, erotic beds, wars, people who loved, life and death. All this together in onecity. Poor words... very strong impressions..... indelible memories!!! A wish, a promise was born within us. We will be back again, because once is never enough!!!
Ageliki Avgerinou.

Grand Bazaar

Kapali Tsarsi (Grand Bazaar) is one of the largest and oldest closed markets in the world. It is a complex complex that covers 60 streets and houses more than 3000 shops !!!

Yes, it was a dream! A dream that took shape, dressed in colors and sweetened our soul. Three Greeks in Istanbul! One thought, One desire, One expectation. None of us lookedback, but our eyes were rushing to conquer, conquer the city of our hearts, the city like fairytale and dream together, the queen of cities, Constantinople! With thousands of stories, with thousands of songs, deeply rooted, She will remai n in the bosom of mindand knowledge forever! Like a witch stimulates the mind and lures our thoughts in to the  maze of desires! As we approached the beautiful East, eyes tearful of agony and longing, our breaths are quicker and heartless….and where the dream lay before us. Anticipating her, a cry of admiration and poetry has come to embr ace magic!
Dimitra Zisiou.

Angeliki Avgerinou
Motto: Since you can't turn my life around ...
take a seat in the window and enjoy the ride !!!!

Dimitra Zisiou
Motto: Smile is the mirror of the soul !!!

Dimitris Kalantzis
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Motto: From extroversion no one lost!

- Cωkrάtiς Cinόpoυloς
- Deryά Toyrkάn
"I leave the neighborhood"

Three Greeks in Istanboul